About Us

The Delta Search Group helps senior leaders execute solutions to what surveys have shown is for many the single most important managerial preoccupation - maximizing the potential of and/or finding talent that can advance business growth, adapt to change, and deliver desired performance.

The combined experience of the principals at Delta Search Group includes a solid grounding in strategy deployment, more than a decade of experience positioning talent in a lean environment at Honda and forming B2B relationships in the field of Medical Technology. These combined elements equip us with a unique perspective on the impact that intangible assets have on business performance.

We understand that lean deployment is foremost a human system that enables leaders to see more clearly the elements within an organization that are the true drivers of value.

In an environment where knowledge and understanding of the customer's situation has become the unit of economic exchange, making flow of intangible value the heart of strategy can create a golden opportunity to achieve durable competitive advantage and generate higher returns committing less capital with less exposure. This is because competitive advantage on today's battlefield can be fleeting, the marketplace can change quickly, as can customer expectations.

Innovations can be adequately imitated, ofen very quickly.  Indeed, it is becoming more evident that strategy itself must become more discovery oriented and that a significant advantage can be created through the set of activities chosen and how they are employed to sell the offering of a business unit. In today's economy, a business model improvement can be as important as as a whole new offering itself.

Therefore a framework that can act as a lens that will enable leaders to see clearly how activities interrelate can be a priceless asset.

Whether the objective is to increase sales, enhance marketing effectiveness, or improvement of operational processes in manufacturing, we help to eliminate what is said to be the eighth waste identified by lean philosophy: underutilization of the potential of people.

Our Pledge

 We have dedicated ourselves and our resources to the task of helping leaders address the opportunities and threats of continually evolving economic conditions, realize their personal and business life goals, advance growth, and flourish under just about any future circumstances.

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