Business Challenges

The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible - Anonymous

In today's B2B business environment, customers are faced with many choices brought about by access to information on the internet, and therfore base decisions on a variety of complex factors beyond the characteristics of the offering itself.

Winning and creating deeper relationships with customers in most cases can no longer be accomplished solely by offering a better product or by holding down costs. While those are essential for staying in the game, the winning differential will become the level of engagement with the customer.

What level is reached will be a function of the ability of leaders to focus and align people around that common objective. Discussion on principal challenges leaders confront is offered below:

  1. Managing Intangible Assets
  2. The Battle for Talent
  3. Pursuit of Common Purpose
  4. Evolution of the B2B Sales Organization
  5. The Total Customer Experience
  6. Dynamic Management
  7. Creating Sustainable Advantage
  8. Making Improvements Stick

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