Creating Sustainable Advantage

Early chemists pursued science by simply taking measurements before and after a reaction, and were often frustrated in their efforts to attain the outcomes they sought.

With the evolution of atomic theory, scientist understood that the elements with which they were working were interacting on a level much too small to see – the effects could be seen, but the activities involved interactions of atoms, the basic particle of an element.

Company leaders in sales, marketing and manufacturing have developed a variety of tools and techniques to gauge the reaction to operational improvements, but often, many have been frustrated by the inability to translate those gains into sustainable profitability.

As in the experience of the chemists, the answer to attaining the desired outcomes, that is delivering sustained value to customers, lies in the understanding of basic units. The basic unit of sustainable advantage is the activities in which people engage. Realizing the strategy for delivering that value, which will lead to profitability, depends upon an understanding of how those units interact.

Please see the following article which appeared in the Association of Electrical and Medical Imaging Manufacturers Journal (NEMA). It may offer some helpful insights:

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