Our Approach

"The foundation stone of the whole scheme is service. Service to the people, a service that will lighten, brighten, and make more profitable the lives of the majority who do the necessary work of the world." source -- unknown

We make a difference through the talents of people.

Talent - The Last Stone

Research has made it clear that intangibles are the decisive source of wealth in today's knowledge-based competition. This is especially true in marketing and sales endeavors -- as the contributions of people are the dominant source of value. The conventional approach to planning often leaves a gap between what knowledge is assumed and the capacity actually possessed.

Given the consequences of such a gap -- that the best plans are no more than wishful thinking if they can't be translated from concept to reality -- it is important to discover any shortfall before attempting to execute a strategy. The most frequent source of failure of strategies is the lack of the right mental models.When a gap exists between what leaders need to accomplish in a role and the ability of people currently in the organization to deliver, we procure that ability from outside based upon criteria gleaned from the foundation.

The Management System

Balanced on this foundation is a system of integrated measures that better enables leaders to confront the uncertainty created by the forces of economic proliferation. Deployment principles shape a systematic management framework that enables discovery and learning and is a practical tool for improvement. It adds flexibility to the traditional analytic approach which had been based on the assumption that all relevant information is known.

While many elements of the traditional approach are necessary, analytic strategic planning efforts become less sensical under increasing uncertainty. If one business leader could predict the future -- so could everyone else. In that event, there would be little advantage to be gained from attempts at differentiation in terms of product or process.

Perhaps most importantly, it enables leaders to better manage the driver of value in today's environment -- the talents of people.

A Thinking Foundation

Lean deployment begins by defining what is important to the customer from his perspective. Because product innovations require an intensive internal process effort, often the definition of value that emerges does not adequately factor in customer perception of utility.

Organizations can become fixated on the tools of management in order to cut costs to achive operational efficiency. While necessary, operational efficiency is not sufficient -- it is not a strategy that delineates how value is to be achieved.

Deployment helps to ensure that the tools utilized, whether the elegant lean tools, or those applied to enhance marketing or sales results, are focused on the primary objective -- value to the customer.

Tools are a means to an end, not an end in themselves.

Our ship is powered by strategy deployment, and it provides the alignment, focus and engagement through which we apply the intangible value provided by our crew members. Unlike the conventional approach that often emphasizes planning, the foundation is formed with the building blocks of execution.

It aims energy of people at the heart of the enterprise - the objectives derived from the customer value proposition.

You will find additional discussion about our approach at: "Managing Intangible Assets "

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